grape leaves

Ingredients grape leaves with minced meat and rice :

– Grape leaves: kilo (green / boiled and drained)
– Egyptian rice: 2 cups (washed and soaked)
– Minced meat: 200 g
– Mixed spices: 1 teaspoon
– Black pepper: half a teaspoon
– Salt: 1 teaspoon
– Olive oil: 2 tablespoons
– Margarine: 1 tablespoon
– Feather meat: 6 pieces (lamb meat)
– Salt: 1 teaspoon (for rice)
– Black pepper: half a teaspoon
– Lemon juice: a quarter cup

How to prepare grape leaves with minced meat and rice ?

  • Mix the rice with the minced meat in a bowl.
  • Add olive oil, butter, salt, mixed spices, black pepper and mix well until the ingredients are homogeneous.
  • Fill the grape leaves with a small amount of stuffing and roll in a small and tightly closed.
  • Spread some olive oil in the pot and then put the meat feathers and season with salt and black pepper.
  • Drain the grape leaves over the meat tightly and neatly.
  • Dip the grape leaves with water and cover with a glass dish so that the leaves do not open during cooking.
  • Put the pot on high heat until it starts to boil and then reduce the heat and leave it for two hours until it is cooked and you can provide a cooking time according to maturity.
  • Remove from heat and add lemon juice.
  • Pour paper and meat on the plate and serve hot along with yogurt or cucumber salad with milk, as desired.