Ingredients cabbage stuffed with tomato :

– Col: 1 tablet (cabbage / large size)
– Egyptian rice: 1/2 cup (washed, soaked and drained)
– Coriander: 1/4 cup (fresh and chopped)
– Parsley:  cup (fresh and chopped)
– Dill: 2 tablespoons (fresh and chopped)
– Onions: 1 piece (finely chopped)
Garlic: 3 cloves (mash)
– Salt: 1 teaspoon
– Black pepper: half a teaspoon
Cumin: 1/4 teaspoon (ground)
– Vegetable broth: 2 cups
– Tomato paste: 3 tablespoons
– Vegetable oil: 1 tablespoon

How to prepare cabbage stuffed with tomato ?

  • Remove the cabbage head, chop the cabbage leaves, then put them in boiling water with a little salt and cumin and cut them in the correct size.
  • To prepare the filling: In a large saucepan, heat the oil and stir the chopped onion until it is tender and transparent.
  • Add the garlic and let it smell and then add a tablespoon of tomato sauce and stir quickly.
  • Black pepper flavor, cumin, with constant agitation.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Reduce heat and add rice, parsley, cilantro and dill. Stir until the ingredients overlap and then remove the filling from the heat and let it cool.
  • Put a small cabbage leaf in the bottom of the pot.
  • Spread the cabbage leaf on a hard surface and put some rice in the middle and roll it up.
  • Return the ball until the filling is ready and then stack the cabbage rolls in the pot.
  • Boil the broth with a tablespoon of tomato sauce, then pour the mixture over the filling, stirring the pan to the bottom and cover the rolls completely.
  • Put the pot on high heat until it boils and then reduce the heat and leave the filling until cooked.